25 Ways To Live a Happy and More Fulfilled Life



Different people define happiness in different ways.

Some of us wait for happiness to happen, or we look for happiness “out there” instead of where it really is – right here, inside us.

Others grit-and-bear-it through life hoping for happiness and that sense of fulfillment in the future. They defer their dreams out of fear, working jobs they hate, and numbing feelings of being unfulfilled with TV, food, and Internet distractions.

But happiness and that sense of fulfillment doesn’t need to be put off for later. You can be happy now, in your current situation, while you build a life you love.

For us, happiness is the sense of fulfillment and purpose that we get from making a living doing work that we love.

Happiness blossoms from cultivating gratitude for all that we have, while working toward creating the life we want.

Happiness and feeling fulfilled is within your grasp, right now.

The difference between a happy, fulfilled person and the person who feels unfulfilled, is the daily rituals they have, so turn these steps into daily rituals and watch how your life changes!

Commit to putting these 25 steps into practice in your own life.

No, you don’t have to do all 25 of them starting tomorrow.

Start with one, or a few, and add more over time.


1. Make Your Happiness A Priority

Instead of waiting for things in your life to give you happiness, decide that you are going to be happy from today goes on, right now, no matter what.

Happiness isn’t something that happens to us, or that we must wait for. We can create happiness now. Look at yourself in a mirror and start laughing.

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